Kanvas™ Takes Brand Control to New High with Availability of Vapetelligence™ Lite and Vapetelligence™ Enterprise Platforms


Revolutionary smart pod customization platform with programming device now accepting brand partners

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – April 20, 2020 – Kanvas™, creator of innovative solutions designed to elevate the user experience for legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) consumers, announces the availability of the Vapetelligence™ Lite and Vapetelligence™ Enterprise smart pod customization platforms, offering cannabis and CBD brands web-based, on-demand thermal profile creation and pod programming. Kanvas is now accepting brand partners for its newest technology here.

The Vapetelligence™ Enterprise platform supports the Kanvas Smart Pod System with a tablet and programming Kube™ tool kit that enables brands to create and test oil-specific thermal profiles from their own offices or labs. Creating the most advanced flavor experience, Vapetelligence™ Enterprise enables controlled, repeatable sessions through the precise calculation of dosing, duration, temperature and plume size. Using the Kube™, Kanvas smart pods can be repeatedly rewritten until desired profiles have been created and brand approved.

“Until now, there’s never been a solution from hardware makers for brands to own the customization experience through on-site programming and testing,” said Andy Fathollahi, Kanvas CEO. “The Vapetelligence™ Lite and Vapetelligence™ Enterprise platforms are an unprecedented partnership of software and hardware powered by the cannabis industry’s first and only secure smart chip. For the first time, producers have complete control of the end-user experience, enabling their flavors and effects to deliver with repeatability and consistency from start to finish.”

Vapetelligence Enterprise Software + Hardware Platform

Kanvas also offers brands Vapetelligence™ Lite: a web-based solution with truly global reach that gives brands the same suite of customization features and the convenience of anywhere-anytime access. Upon a brand’s completion of a customized, web-based thermal profile, Kanvas quickly programs sample pods for brand testing and approval. Both Vapetelligence™ Lite and Vapetelligence™ Enterprise are coupled with hardware customization features that include a suite of customer-focused programmable haptics and LED colors, further enabling a completely bespoke experience for brands.  

Vapetelligence™ Lite and Vapetelligence™ Enterprise brand applications can be accessed here.

About Kanvas:

Kanvas™ is a cannabis technology company whose innovative software and hardware platform introduced temperature-controlled dosing technology and heating profiles that accurately and reliably deliver best-in-class vaporizing experiences for legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) consumers. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Kanvas delivers safety, security and performance through an assortment of premium vaping solutions and ancillary products that are backed by patent-pending technology. To learn more about Kanvas, please visit www.TheKanvasCo.com.


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