Kanvas Smart Pod System Empowers Cannabis Brands to Deliver Precise Dosing and Temperature Consistency


New pod hardware delivers safety, security and performance, built on Vapetelligence™ software platform, that controls dosing, heat, taste and effect

Kanvas™, creator of innovative solutions designed to elevate the user experience for legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) consumers, announces its pod system, an end-to-end vaporization solution with a robust suite of hardware and software features designed to enable brands to provide reliable, controlled experiences to end users. The latest innovation from Kanvas, the device leverages state of the art anti-counterfeiting technology to authenticate every pod that connects with the battery. 

“We are thrilled to expand our product portfolio with the introduction of the pod system,” said Andy Fathollahi, Kanvas CEO. “Our focus on safety, security and performance has produced a tremendous delivery system that provides tamper-resistance, complete counterfeit protection and a craft customization experience. As the vaping category continues to see rapid growth, this device delivers the innovation and control the market has been demanding.”

Crafted with a food-grade 18/10 stainless steel chimney, the pod utilizes a ceramic heating element and real time power feedback to the battery to precisely monitor and adjust session temperatures and eradicate oil burn. The smart battery also uses haptics and LEDs to communicate pod connection, hit duration, authentication and battery level.

Inside, the pod system is equipped with Vapetelligence™, a smart hardware and software platform that enables cannabis brands to define dosing, temperature, terpene accentuation and plume size that delivers a safe and consistent consumer experience. A standalone solution, this powerful technology eliminates the need for a user-controlled application and preserves user privacy. 

“We created the pod system to provide an experience that wasn’t available to brands or consumers until now,” said Joe Doyle, Director of Design and Engineering, Kanvas. “From its 256-bit cryptographic authentication algorithm that sets the standard for device safety, to the intuitive haptics and user feedback, every component of this device was intentionally designed to introduce a new class of safe and sustainable vaporization.”   

The Kanvas pod system will be available in both 0.5ml and 1.0ml capacities and uses an open bucket filling design to eliminate leaks and automate the filling process. It offers up to one-week battery life and will include a micro-USB cable for convenient charging.

To learn more about the pod system, visit www.thekanvasco.com.

About Kanvas:  

Kanvas™ is a cannabis technology company whose innovative software and hardware platform introduced temperature-controlled dosing technology and heating profiles that accurately and reliably deliver best-in-class vaporizing experiences for legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) consumers. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Kanvas delivers safety, security and performance through an assortment of premium vaping solutions and ancillary products that are backed by patent-pending technology. To learn more about Kanvas, please visit www.TheKanvasCo.com.


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