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Microgram per gram
Limit of lead in California
Kanvas vs. BCC Limit
KANVAS is committed to providing clean, safe, and smart products. Our vape product line contains nearly undetectable levels of heavy metals – 10x lower than the competition – per two independent licensed and accredited laboratory studies.
Klip™ Stainless Steel Cartridge
Lead: 0.0035 ug/g
Arsenic: Not Detected
Cadmium: Not Detected
Mercury: Not Detected
Klip™ Stainless Steel Disposable
Lead: 0.0047 ug/g
Arsenic: Not Detected
Cadmium: Not Detected
Mercury: Not Detected
What are heavy metals?
A highly toxic metal used in burning fossil fuels and combined with other metals to produce metal alloys.
A chemical element naturally present in water and soil. It is used in agriculture, preservatives, and batteries.
A highly toxic metal used in manufacturing some batteries that is harmful to most of the human’s systems.
A naturally occurring metal found in air, water, and soil. It becomes a colorless odorless gas when heated.
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