"If Q designed vapes for James Bond, they would be Kanvas devices"

Kanvas is a cannabis technology company

Original post: "Kanvas Vape Hardware and Software" on dabconnection.com

Some of us already think of THC vaping as “new tech,” but what if we took vaping into Silicon Valley territory? That’s what Kanvas, a designer and manufacturer of next-generation vaping tech based in Newport Beach, California, seems to be aiming for. They’ve introduced a lot of innovation that’s worth checking out.

They make lines of vapes, pods, oilpens, disposable devices, and other associated technology. Kanvas is strictly a business-to-business hardware and software maker, supplying other THC vape brands with product devices and tech support.

Kanvas products include:

  • Pod system
  • Disposable vape pens
  • Vape cartridges
  • Glass jars and sales jars

With that said, the amount of innovation going into these devices makes it unfair to rank them with other hardware. There’s plenty more we’re not even mentioning here that is covered in their own blog.

Let’s zoom in for some detail:

Kanvas pod system

The Kanvas pod system uses their patented Vapetelligence hardware and software platform. It has 256-bit encryption to authenticate pods. It also has a haptics system which vibrates to give you feedback. Plug in a pod, and it buzzes green to show it’s connected. Plug in an unauthorized pod, and it sounds an alarm to let you know that it’s fake.

Kanvas pod system

The rest of Vapetelligence is a smart-vaping system which enables cannabis brands and extractors to define dosing, temperature, terpene accentuation and plume size. Not so much a pod device as a phone that you smoke.

Kanvas disposables

Called the Klip system, these also pack in Vapetelligence for temperature-controlled dosing and other features. But get this, there are also a few varieties with child-resistant mechanisms built in. We got to see one of these in action at the Las Vegas 2019 MJBizCon.

Kanvas childproof lock

The lock uses a push-and-twist mechanism to disengage the battery so the vape won’t fire. The mechanism is similar to the childproof safety cap you’d typically find on a pill bottle.

Kanvas AR is an augmented reality brand identifier

Kanvas AR

Kanvas also has Kanvas AR, a phone app supported system which provides geolocation-enabled technology providing authentication, validation and education for cannabis brands. Yes, you heard right, augmented reality, like your Oculus Rift. Let’s see the Chinese black market counterfeit that!

Kanvas products also pass metal safety standards

Their metal fixtures are 18/10 food grade stainless steel. They post metal test results for their products on-site. So at least as far as the hardware goes, a Kanvas product is metal-free.

"If Q designed vapes for James Bond, they would be Kanvas devices"


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